Unlock Your Money/Salary Potentials

“Money makes the world go around” is just one of many well-known saying. Another one is that it “doesn’t grow on trees” or that it only comes when you work hard. Please do me a favor and play a little game with me. Imagine all these three beliefs weren’t true. What would change in your money situation? Would you have more money? Or less? In case you have more, what would you do with it? Can you even receive more money?
If you are like most people, your mind is already spinning some crazy loops. Don’t worry you are in good company. Most people do and even I spent years of my lifetime worrying about money. It does, however, not to be “normal” anymore. Maybe it’s time to unlock your money potentials?

What is Unlock Your Money Potentials?

Unlock Your Money PotentialsThis service is a 45 minutes call in which we explore your limiting beliefs about money, earning money, saving and spending money. Expect a lot of beliefs coming up. And don’t worry, most of them are not yours anyway. So you can let them go. This will support you in tapping into your own knowningness about money and will open you up to more potentials how you can invite more money into your life. And: This doesn’t have to include hard work. Unless you prefer so.

For whom is the call?

Simply put: For everybody who is struggling with money in any shape or form. No matter if you actually have a lot of money – or not.

Benefits of the call?

  • Clarity about limiting beliefs and what “holds away your money”
  • More understanding about the “energy of money”
  • Ideas of how you can invite more money into your life
  • Stop abusing yourself with money
  • whatever you define as a personal benefit for yourself

Booking and Fee

This service is a 45 minutes call over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp or in person. If desired we can also switch to Zoom and record it for later listening pleasure. Cost for the call is 95 EUR (please convert here if outside eurozone). Booking can be done over the contact form or WhatsApp.