Salary Negotiation – Prep Call

Have you worked for some in your company, left your “own footprints” and celebrated some accomplishments? Maybe it’s time to fix an appointment for a salary negotiation? Now, how does it make you feel?

Still, many people feel uncomfortable talking about money. Even if they know they deserve it. The topic of “money” comes with many judgments. Asking for money especially often comes with the feelings of shame. And there is no need to longer play this “game”.

The Salary Negotiation Prep Call supports you getting over this “fear of talking money hurdle” and prepares you for upcoming salary negotiations.

Salary Negotiation Prep Call

This service includes::

  • Looking at your situation & coming to a reasonable raise to ask for
  • Creating solid argumentation for giving you a raise
  • Feeling into biases and judgments around “asking for money” and money in general
  • Transforming those judgments using simple tools
  • Info about “negotiation tactics”
  • How to deal with resistance (your own & your counterpart’s)
  • Whatever is relevant for you at this moment

Booking & Fee

The Salary Negotiation Prep Call comes with a fee of 70 EUR for a 30 minutes call and can be easily booked by using the NEL Coaching contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!