Resign with Dignity – Prep Call

Resigning and leaving a company can be tricky at times. Especially when you have worked there for a long time and feel emotionally attached. Maybe you even feel a bit guilty. Or you have what is considered a “difficult boss”. Resign with Dignity Prep call supports you in creating a healthy exit from your current organization.

Resign with Dignity – Prep Call

The NEL Coaching Resign with Dignity Prep call s a 30 minutes call and includes:

  • Having a look at your letter of resignation or creating one if there’s none present yet
  • Conversation about what to expect when resigning
  • What and what not to discuss when resigning
  • The sense and nonsense of the “exit interview”
  • Argumentation about shortening notice period, if applicable
  • How not to get emotional in case the resignation is taken personally
  • Whatever your specific questions are in regards to resigning with dignity

Booking & Fee

The Resign with Dignity Prep Call comes with a fee of 70 EUR for a 30 minutes call and can be easily booked by using the NEL Coaching contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!