Coaching builds on trust, honesty, transparency, and a high level of confidentiality. Please find below the NEL Coaching Principles & Philosophy

  1. NEL Coaching - PhilosophyThere is nothing wrong with you and your life and career. Ever!
  2. The answer to every (perceived) problem and situation is already within yourself. You might not be aware of it right now, but trust it is
  3. Coaching is not therapy. There is no need to discuss past situations over and over again.  It will only intensify what you perceive to be a problem.
  4. Life, business & career can be (much) easier if you allow them to be.
  5. Everything “happening to you” serves you. Otherwise, it would not be happening. It might, however, no longer be what you prefer. Then it’s time to make a different choice. And change.
  6. By the way, change is inevitable. Even if you don’t “plan” it, even if you resist it. Life is constant evolution, not being stuck in a “status quo”
  7. And: It’s YOU creating changeNobody can do it for you. Nobody will do it for you, even if people tell you otherwise. During the time of change, you will get every support yo u need, but it’s you who has to make a choice.  

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