Personal Energy Essentials

“Personal Energy Essentials” is a 4-weeks intense coaching program that will introduce you to all the basics you need to understand the dynamics and importance of managing your energy. It consists of weekly coaching sessions plus in-between support via mail and WhatsApp.

In this program, you will learn what energy really is (more than you think!), how to be aware of it and how to channel it in a way that is beneficial for you, your well-being and your overall life and career. You will learn easy-to-use and integrate tools that will get you out of your comfort zone and help you understand your life from a different perspective. Also, by using these tools frequently, you will take more and more responsibility for yourself. Being able to manage your energy is an essential foundation of self-leadership and is a recommended tool for every organizational leader.

Why is Personal Energy Management so important?

Personal Energy EssentialsWe all have so much time in a day. And no matter how good we have become in time and priority management, sometimes it seems that there are not enough hours in a day. Also, our world seems to get more complicated. So do our jobs. How often do we feel drained and tired even though we love our jobs? Even worse, over time, we might feel stressed, and eventually, this situation is detrimental to our health and well-being.

Being aware of your personal energy and how to make better use of it is the answer to avoiding all this. You will feel more vital and truly energized. You will get more done in less time. Also, you might also develop a whole new level of creativity.

Who benefits the most?

The “Personal Energy Essentials” program is excellent for everybody who is entirely new to the topic of personal energy management. You might be a leader in business or running your own, an aspiring manager, an artist or just interested for private reasons. This program is not restricted to any specific group. It does, however, require the willingness to see your life from a different perspective and make some changes.

And what are the benefits?

Developing knowledge on how to manage your personal energy will dynamically shift how you see and live your life and career! This knowledge has a value that cannot be measured with time or money! And: It provides something of utmost importance – improving your health & well-being. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • more awareness of your own energy level and
  • better abilities to tap into your energy
  • more knowledge on how energy works for you
  • better relationships, also with yourself
  • better time management & priority setting
  • more personal fulfillment
  • more commitment for your life and career

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