Master Your Energy!

Master Your Energy is an eight weeks program that helps you discovering and up-leveling your personal energy management. It comes in the form of weekly coaching sessions plus in-between support. The coaching itself is a blend of classical coaching, proven techniques from stress management, and practical knowledge of energy and consciousness.

It is a premium & professional approach to support you in shifting your current energy level to a higher (thus better) standard by using easy-to-learn and integrate tools that will help you creating more awareness.

Why is Personal Energy Management so important?

NEL Coaching - Personal Energy ManagementWe all have so much time in a day. And no matter how good we have become in time and priority management, sometimes it seems that there are not enough hours in a day. Also, our world gets more complex. So do our jobs. How often do we feel drained and tired even though we love our jobs? Even worse, over time, we feel stressed, and eventually, this situation is detrimental to our health and well-being.

Being aware of your personal energy and how to make better use of it is the answer to all this. NEL Coaching even considers Personal Energy Management a key factor of current and future workplace health.

Who benefits the most?

The “Master Your Energy” program is excellent for everybody who already has solid knowledge about how to manage his/her personal energy and now is looking for ways to expand current knowledge and abilities. (If you are new to the topic, this program might serve you well)  

This program also works best for people who already have a high level of self-commitment, decision making and sovereignty. These can be, e.g.

  • entrepreneurs  & business owners
  • decision makers in (top) management
  • independent freelancers, consultants, coaches & facilities
  • artists & other creative professionals

And what are the benefits?

Master Your Energy ProgramBeing the master of your own energy has a value that cannot be measured with time or money only! (read more here) It provides something of utmost importance – improving your health & well-being. You will enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • less stress & more resilience in your life and career
  • better relationships, also with yourself
  • ability to spot “energy feeders” and set healthy boundaries
  • more capabilities to set up better “energy exchange” (create more win-win situations and projects)
  • more confidence to lead and inspire
  • better priority setting  
  • more personal fulfillment
  • in time, improvements in overall health & well-being
  • often even better financial flows
  • and more! 

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