Focus Sessions

A Focus Session is a 45 minutes coaching call to get you clarity on one specific career-life topic. It’s specifically designed to support you in cases of uncertainty, feeling stuck, having conflicting thoughts, emotions, opinions, etc.

No matter what the topic is we will dive into it to find out what’s really going on beneath the (obvious) surface. We have a close, honest look at the energies playing out and  what you can move past your situation.

And as an important note: Did you know what over 90% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not yours, to begin with? You picked them up from different people without knowing when growing up and making your career. Isn’t it time to find out what’s yours and now consciously choose it? You’ll see once you have gained clarity and focus first, everything can and will change.

For whom is a Focus Session?

This coaching call is for everybody who wants to gain more clarity on a single career-life topic.

Possible topics may be:

  • I know I deserve a raise but don’t know how to ask for it
  • Feelings of uncertainty about taking or not taking a job offer / counter offer
  • Why can’t I stay focused in meetings?
  • What is the next best career move right now?
  • Why is it that either my work or private life works out?
  • and much more!

This session is not designed for complex situations in life and career. In this case please direct to the monthly Career Coaching services.


  • Clear focus on what you really desire and what works for you
  • Clear distinction between what’s yours and what’s not
  • Ability to align and take necessary action steps
  • Less distraction
  • More productive use of your time and energy
  • More satisfaction and happiness in your life and career
  • and more

Booking and Fee

This service is a 45-60  minutes call over the phone, WhatsApp or Skype. You can either book a single session for 175 EUR or a bundle of three sessions for 490 EUR

Prices are given without VAT.(20%) which will be added where applicable.

You can book your focus session(s) via the contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you!