Career Coaching

Executive Career Coaching is – as the name indicates – for Executives only and especially those who have understood that nobody can take responsibility for your life & career other than you yourself. Coaching means you are not given “a solution” but guided to discover the answers to every topic yourself. If you agree to this, please feel warmly welcome.


Careers Today….

These days careers can be created in a myriad of ways.. Long gone are the days in which you joined an employer and stayed until retirement. Frequent promotions, changes in jobs, steady growth, international experience and a change embracing attitude are just a few of the buzz words employers look for these days. At the same time, most industries have gone truly global providing countless opportunities. This can be exciting and overwhelming. “What is the best next step” and “Which direction is the best for me right now?” are just two of very frequent questions coming up in career coaching.

Executive Career Coaching – What’s in it?

Careers are as individual as people. There are no right or wrong careers. Those are judgments and dependent on an individual perspective. And perspectives change all the time…

Like there are no two identical people, there are no two identical careers. NEL Coaching therefore offers individual & tailor-made career coaching only. All sessions are designed to your specific needs.

Possible topics can be:

  • Development or revision of a career plan
  • Finding relevant headhunters/recruiters and how to efficiently work with them 
  • Creating a professional network you can rely on (becomes more than ever!)
  • Assistance in the transition to another industry and/or another country 
  • Finding and letting go of  limiting beliefs
  • How to deal with “difficult people” in the workplace
  • Balancing family, free time and a career in a healthy way
  • Learning to trust – and delegate
  • Asking for a raise without feeling bad or even guilty (also see Salary Negotiation Call)
  • and more

Benefits of Career Consulting

Benefits are highly individual. Most common ones are:

  • Clarity on what you really want in your career
  • Come to healthier choices for yourself
  • More awareness about your capabilities & hidden resources & potentials
  • More confidence & self-worth
  • Better presentation skills 
  • and whatever is a benefit for you personally

Booking & Fee

NEL Coaching offers 60 minutes sessions only. Experience shows that most of us are used to look out for “external solutions” first and then “go within”. In other words, unless you are very experienced in diving into yourself, things take a bit of time.

Single Session (1 hour) – 250 EUR

60 minutes call focused on a specific topic of your career plus mail summary of the outcome.

Monthly Package (4 x 1 hour) – 1.200 EUR

4x 60 minutes (1 per week) coaching focused on your specific needs to advance and accelerate your career. Includes unlimited mail support in-between sessions and  2x 10 minutes “quick fix” calls.

By the end of the month you can extend the package for another month. But no longer than a period of six months to avoid dependencies on a coach.

You are welcome to make your booking from the contact form. Or use the WhatsApp button for an even quicker response.