Career Coaching

These days you can create your career in a myriad of ways. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time to find your own way in the “jungle of possibilities” while staying focused on what you really desire in your carer. Coaching can bring more clarity. No matter if you wonder what your next step is or if you ask yourself on how to better balance career and private life.

Career Coaching – What’s in it?

Careers are as individual as people. There are no right or wrong careers.  Or better or worse careers. Important is that you know what works for you. And this can be something totally different than what works for other people.

For this reason, NEL Coaching offers tailor-made career coaching only. It’s designed to support in rather complex work-life-situations. If you have a single career topic to discuss a Focus Session might better serve you.

Career Life Coaching
Its all just energy. Really!

Possible topics for coaching can be:

  • Development or revision of a career plan reflecting your individual preferences
  • Development of focus and action steps to get you where you want to be
  • Managing your “career energy” in order to stay healthy in your job – and private life!
  • Updating and revision of latest CV (if you need only this service please have a look here)
  • Enhancing of existing relationships to superiors and colleagues to create a better work experience daily
  • Developing skills to be a modern, inspiring leader
  • Finding your calling and assistance during career re-orientation
  • Creating a professional network you can rely on (more important than ever!)
  • Finding, working and transformation of limiting beliefs (it’s all just energy – really)
  • “Digging up” hidden resources and potentials you might not have been aware of
  • How to deal with “difficult people” in the workplace
  • Balancing family, free time and a career in a healthy way (includes valuable input from modern Stress Management techniques)
  • Learning to trust – and to delegate
  • and more

Benefits of Career Consulting

Most common benefits are:

  • Clarity on what you really want in your career
  • Thus more focus in your actions
  • Healthier choices in your career 
  • More awareness about your capabilities & hidden resources & potentials
  • More confidence & self-worth
  • Better presentation skills 
  • and more

Booking & Fee

NEL Coaching currently offers two monthly Career Coaching packages.

Single Monthly Package – 1.100 EUR

Weekly coaching (60 – 90 minutes) focused on your specific needs to advance and accelerate your career. Includes unlimited mail support in-between sessions and  weekly “quick fix” call (10-15 minutes) where it’s necessary. Also includes coaching material (tips, exercises, etc.), yours to keep forever.

By the end of the month you can either extend the package, switch to a 3-Month Package or cancel the contract.

3-Month Package – 3.100 EUR 

Includes all of the above for a minimum length of three month coaching. After this period you can either cancel, extend for another three month or switch to a monthly booking.

6-Month Package – 6.300 EUR 

Includes all of the above for the length of six months. This is also the maximum time period NEL Coaching recommends for coaching.

All fees are excluded of VAT (20%) which will be added where applicable. Please find a full price list here.

You are welcome to make your booking by calling +49 176 54 61 97 08 or using the contact form. Thank you!