Direct Placement

Please note that below information is only of interest if you are representing a corporation. 

The Direct Placement service  is based on 15 years experience in headhunting/executive search across the European Union and focuses on the following industries:

  • Consumer Goods / FMCG
  • (Renewable) Energy
  • Life Sciences

This expertise has  created an extensive network that qualified candidates and organizations of the above industries can use. Every candidate NEL Coaching presents has a proven career record and often is known for years. 

How does Direct Placement work?

There is no need to make things unnecessarily complicated. Please send your job profile via the contact form along with a salary range and anything that might help to find the best candidate. This especially includes the so-called “soft skills”.

You will receive the first feedback within 24 hours of sending your request.

Booking & Fee

For the candidate, the Direct Placement service is free of charge. Costs may occur only if one of the other NEL Coaching services is booked.

Organizations pay a fee of 12% based on first years on-target earning only. For more transparency find some sample calculations here. Other fees will not occur. 

If you have any further questions, information and placing your request please reach out via the contact form. Thank you!