CV / Application Check

You Have 21 Seconds…

This is the average time spent by a recruiter to come to a decision if you “make it” or not. 21 seconds. Forget the times when your whole CV was read with interest. These days many recruiters just hit “CTRL + F” to search for relevant keywords. If it’s in you might pass. If you used another one, you might be out. No matter how qualified you are. And yes, it is frustrating!

However, as a candidate, you can’t change HR and recruiters. You can only change the way you apply and pass the initial screening. NEL Coaching CV/Application Check will support you doing exactly this.


15 Years of Experience

NEL Coaching has over 15 years of experience in recruiting and thus has literally read and evaluated tens of thousands of CVs coming from all over the world. We know international standards and local requirements and specifications. We know who a recruiter reads and comes to an evaluation. And we know how to pass the “initial screening”.

Application Check

Here’s what NEL Coaching Application Check offers:

  • Check of your latest application document (CV/resume) based on

    • local requirements
    • Industry requirements
    • Skill requirements
  • Consulting on a modern, professional layout
  • Check for length & Readability
  • Check for wording
  • Consulting on how to highlight your personal achievements
  • Depending on booking: Optimization of your cover letter
  • And whatever is relevant to make a better impression on paper

Application Check – Booking & Fee

NEL Coaching offers 3 versions of the Application Check.

Basic – 50 EUR

Includes CV/resume check, mail communication, suggestions for improvement

Advanced – 150 EUR

Includes CV/resume check, 1 Cover letter check, mail communication, suggestions for improvement, 1x phone call (30 mins)

Premium – 250 EUR

Includes CV/resume check, 1 Cover letter check, LinkedIn profile check, suggestions for improvement, mail communication plus 1 phone call (45 mins). This service is highly (!) recommended if you haven’t applied in years.

You can easily book the service using the NEL Coaching contact form. If you are unsure which service is best for you, feel free to attach your CV and we will get back with a suggestion on how to move on best. Thank you!