NEL Coaching - Founder Nicole LellekNicole Lellek, creator and coach of NEL Coaching. NEL are her full initials and it also stands for New Energy Life. A life that includes awareness of its own personal energy and embodies a healthy carer.

Education & Experience

  • Master of Arts (MA) German & Roman Languages, focused on communication/communication models. 
  • 20+ years professional experience as consultant & coach in
    • Business Consulting
    • Executive Search / Career Consulting
    • Well-being & Stress Prevention
  • Plus profound knowledge in:
    • Life Transformation (including own)
    • Burnout Prevention & Stress Management (Certified Coach)
    • Grief Counseling (don’t think of death necessarily but the deep feeling of loss. Emotional reactions are same)
    • Personal Energy Management
    • Breathing Therapy
    • Guided Meditations
    • Energy Healing (as add-on to traditional medicine, not replacement!)
    • The  “(Meta)Physics of Energy & Consciousness”
    • Tools of Access Consciousness
  • English/German bi-lingual
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The Story behind NEL Coaching

I grew up in a somewhat normal middle-class household. At least, that’s what you would think looking from the outside. My perception, however, was very different. Being a natural intuitive and empath, I could sense all the underlying conflicts my family members had with themselves and others. Also, I was able to perceive thought and emotional patterns. Some in motion, many stuck. As I kid, I thought that everybody could perceive them.. Only to find out that these patterns were labeled invisible and that nobody but me could sense them. Ops!

Trying to be “normal”

Instead of acknowledging my (somewhat different) perspective, I was told that I was wrong and that I had a “wild imagination.” So I shut down and kept everything inside. But still, I was perceiving all the energetic imbalances and conflicts within my family. Over time it led to anxiety and panic attacks.

I felt that “fitting in” was the best I could do. So I started to study and made a career in business consulting and later Executive Search and Career Consulting/Coaching. Still, I was able to perceive energy, energy patterns, and flow and “stuckness”.  Over time and with more experience I got the awareness that everything we perceive is energy in different forms, and that energy “listens” to us. I used my knowledge, but I never told anybody about it. I was afraid to be mocked again, especially in a business environment. Having my abilities and being professional didn’t go together. At least not in my reality. I loved my work, but at the same time there something I felt I had to hide.

A life-changing event

Personal Energy Management - CoachMy life changed completely in August 2013. Within two weeks also two significant events happened. First, I listened to an impulse and started to research about stress and burnout. I was horrified by the rising numbers and had to face that I was stressed, too. The second event was a so-called spiritual awakening. Last is probably the most misunderstood event in modern society. Because it’s not about finding (a human-made) God or channeling angels. Instead, everything that is out of balance in one’s life shows up to be looked at, (re)balanced and (re)integrated. Also, it’s about developing a whole new relationship with one’s energy. Finally, I found confirmation that everything about energy (and consciousness) I already knew as a child was true!

During my own post-awakening time, I didn’t resonate with the “New Age stuff,” and I still don’t. Instead, I continued my research on modern stress management techniques and combine them with what I knew about handling personal energy. Over time the idea of NEL Coaching – New Energy Life formed. Because being able to manage one’s own energy, is the ultimate tool. for expanding your life and your career in a healthy and beneficial way. Knowing energy has truly changed my life. And maybe it will change yours, too? Why not talk about it? 

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