Get rid of your excuses – invest in yourself!

As “corona times” go by, we are still “stuck in our home offices,” and meanwhile, most of us have understood that this situation won’t be over in a week or two. Also, we notice the tremendous impact the virus has on our global economy. The good news is that despite all economic hits, there are still industries that thrive. Others might have more time at their hands than they had ever wished for. Now what? You can only watch Netflix for so long until it gets boring. (I canceled my subscription a while ago). And cleaning and redecorating home won’t keep you busy forever either. Well, this is a very good – if not the best time – to do something for you and invest in yourself.

And what about the money?

But there are situations, where there’s few or no money to spend. So you might be hesitant to invest in yourself right now and better wait “until things get better.” I get that, and I have been there myself. In that case, look out for free offers and classes first. I found YouTube to be very valuable for all sorts of topics. Most of my IT knowledge comes from YouTube! For you, it might be something different. Check it, in case you haven’t already! Also, there are a lot of great blogs with tools and tips. (You are just reading one! :-))

However, free offers only get you so far. Each life and situation is different. So you might need a tailor-made program. In that case, you might struggle with the cost involved and shy away from spending money. Well, if there is one thing I learned from money arguments, it’s that: “It’s never about the money, it’s always an excuse!” Yes, always. No exception granted. In case you just got triggered, great! Because that shifts energy. And that’s exactly what we look for!

Look at your excuses

invest in yourselfNow that I most likely triggered you, it would be unfair to leave you hanging in the dry. Therefore I would like to share an exercise with you that has helped me and others to shift situations dynamically. Even in the case of money. Let’s start:

First, Grab paper & pen. Please use this “oldschool” way and stay away from your phone. Writing things with your hands has an entirely different impact than typing your phone. And we want to shift things, right?

Second, write “I can’t invest in myself/ afford _____ (whatever it is you think you can’t afford) because…” Then list all the reasons why you think you can’t afford whatever you are desiring.

Third, I challenge you: Don’t stop before you have listed at least 10, better 20 reasons. If it takes time, so be it. Experience shows that the real reasons why you think you can’t afford something, don’t show up immediately. So dare to dig deep. You will be amazed about all the crazy beliefs you held back from yourself. And now it’s time to drag them all into daylight. If you are doing this exercise while reading this article, please stop here and finish your list first.

Interesting Point of View

Feel that you are finished with your list? Great! Now comes one of the best tools I know to get out of these funny beliefs and excuses. It’s called “Interesting Point of View,” and it was created by Access Consciousness (more here). It’s one of their many free tools. Look at your list again. Everything you have written are beliefs. Beliefs are judgments. All judgments root in one core belief. That the world is bi-polar and that we all live in separation. All this is nothing but an experience. This experience, however, has become our dominant reality. And slowly we shift out of it. One way of doing so, is releasing judgments (beliefs) that no longer serve us. This is what we do with “interesting point of view.”

Next: Go through every point of your list, read it, and then say, “Interesting point of view that I have this point of view.” It might sound funny at first, but do it anyway. While doing so, watch your body reactions. At the beginning your body might feel heavy and constricted. Acknowledge it, and then say it again. “Interesting Point of View that I have that point of view.” It might feel lighter now. Acknowledge it, and repeat it. You will feel lighter and lighter. When you think it’s okay, go to the next point. And then work off the whole list.

What will happen then

You might find it tiresome in the beginning to go through the list with this funny sentence. But trust me, it will change things dynamically. And here is why: Every judgment/belief keeps you in certain limits. Like, e.g., having a certain amount of money and never more. With this exercise, which is a fundamental tool of personal energy management, you expand beyond this limit. In a way, you go back to your natural state. That is one without judgment, but one of a state of joy and wonder.

The trick is that you don’t have to do much else, after you have finished this exercise. Maybe it’s wise in the beginning to have a look at the list again the next day. You might find that there are points on your list, that still create a heavy feeling in your body. In that case use the tool again. A quick side-note: Rereading specific points, you might start to giggle. That’s a good sign. Because all those beliefs we have created for ourselves, are ridiculous and laughable. Also, laughter shifts most energy!

New possibilities

After having used this tool, go on with your life, and please don’t overthink about how and when the money will appear. All you will do is resisting money. In that case, grab a paper and write a new headline “I resist money because…” (I have done this myself and trust me, it’s very (!) interesting what will show up).

The less you think about possible outcomes, the more possibilities you invite into your life! You might have heard the saying: Expectations are limitations! Unfortunately, this is very true. So trust that the tool worked.

Last but not least, there are cases in which the solution came without money even being involved. I know people who wanted to attend a class, and then they were asked to host the class and – in exchange – participate for free. Maybe somebody donates you the class, course, or program? Or maybe, it’s just as simple as picking up the phone, explain your situation and ask for a payment plan? Whatever it is for you, you will find a solution. Or better: The solution will come to you. Whatever it will be.

Enjoy the experience! And if now is the time for you to invest in yourself by participating in one of NEL Coaching’s programs, feel free to write a mail here or schedule a Discovery Call by clicking the button below.

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