Personal Energy Management in times of crisis

Being able to manage your personal energy is always beneficial (more here), but it gets vital in times of crisis. While facing a global pandemic and a rising level of fear, it’s easy to get “caught in disaster-mode.” However, you don’t have to buy into all the crazy going on. This said, it doesn’t mean you should be negligent. It ‘s quite the opposite. So let’s start with

#1 – Take care of yourself

This is something you should always do. And yet, sometimes it seems so difficult when we are “buried” in our plans and goals. In times of crisis, it’s more crucial than ever do implement more things you like into your day. Now, this might come with restrictions as we are more and more home-bound. But it can be as simple as taking a long, relaxing bath. Or read the book you wanted to read in a long time. Try a new recipe. Learn something new, using online courses and tutorials. Play games with your loved ones. Oh, by the way, what happened to the good old board games? I still like them!

#2 – Don’t buy into fear!

Personal Energy Management in times of crisisTaking care of yourself also means that you don’t buy into fear. I know it might be easier said than done. There are, however, some easy things you can do. First, you don’t have to watch 24/7. newsfeed on fear and drama, and it’s what you don’t want. It’s okay to check in once or twice, but otherwise, shut it off. Second, surround yourself with positive people. Third, admit to yourself if you feel fearful. We all do from time to time. It’s a natural response, and IT’S OKAY! You’ll find if you honestly admit having fear and dare to face it, it looses 50% of its power already. Fourth, additionally, use this question “Is this fear even mine?” Don’t look for an answer; instead, watch your body reactions. It might ease and expand because it’s not yours. It’s that you made it yours. If your body stays constricted, take some deep and conscious breaths. You will breathe through the fear. (More on conscious breathing in an upcoming article.

#3 – Get creative

This one might surprise you a bit, and you might even say that you are not creative. Not true, everybody is. And everybody is in a different way. E.g. my passion is writing. And I also like to paint. In last I am not even good at but I like it. It creates ease and I can let go of thoughts and worries. For you it might be something different. Maybe some DIY project or sculpting. Dive into your creative energy no matter what it is. Don’t try to create the next masterpiece, but enjoy yourself. In constricting times of fear, answer with the expansive energy of creativity.

#4 – Stick with the routines that serve you

It might be possible that you already work from home or that you will be very soon. While you might not be used with the new situation yet, it’s wise to stick with some routines. They will give you some structure in times of uncertainty, and you might need this very structure. Ideally, you create a mix of routines and creative time. And don’t forget to celebrate from time to time.

#5 – Communicate and network – more than ever

In times of fear and crisis, we tend to shut down and cocoon ourselves. Now we even have the situation that we are forced to cocoon ourselves. And while there is something beautiful about times of silence and (self)contemplation, avoid isolating yourself. Thanks to WiFi, internet, WhatsApp, you name it, it’s easy to stay in touch even when home-bound. We are all in this together, and it’s a perfect time for bonding. If you think of somebody, why not reach out. Show that you care. It goes a long way. And as it’s so vital, again, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

#6 – Invest in yourself

This almost takes us back to the beginning. Investing in yourself is part of taking care of yourself. But I wanted to make it a separate point. All too often we invest in other people (which is excellent) but forget about ourselves. You might want to consider this; if you invest in yourself first, you built a new level of trust and self-confidence. This new-found trust will radiate, and you’ll find that other people trust you more. Just because YOU trust yourself. Isn’t that amazing? So whatever it is what is on your “bucket list” and can be started even today (and probably from home) start it. Do it! Now! I’ll root for you. Because I know you can thrive – despite the crisis!

Have a wonderful day! 

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