Can the Coronavirus be a blessing in disguise?

While I write these lines, more and more countries shut their borders to international travel and restrict movement for their citizens due to the coronavirus. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I am a very much freedom-loving person, and the idea of not being able to go everywhere does not please me. On the other hand, I fully understand and support the decisions so that the further spreading of the virus is more controllable. So I comply with the rules as they may be issued for also my country.

This said, I can’t stop wondering if this virus might not hold some blessings in disguise? If there is something I learned especially over the last years, it’s that everything seemingly bad also holds something good. And that there is wisdom in everything we experience. I wonder what we will say and write about this situation in one, three, and five years from now? However, here are some points I already consider a positive side effect of coronavirus.

#1 – Time of cocooning and going inside

With the many people in quarantine and increasing restrictions to move freely outside, it’s safe to say that we face a time of cocooning. More and more people stay at home and are less affected by all the outside stress and distractions. While it might be unusual and even dull in the beginning, it also can be seen as a “the beauty of cocooning”. Why not take the chance, sit down, and contemplate life? Have an honest look at where you are and where you want to be? And plan for how to get there. A time of cocooning also is a wonderful invitation to imagine. And energetically, there is something beautiful to imagination compared to “just thinking.” Thoughts are rather flat and don’t manifest as fast, but imagination with a full sensual experience of feelings and emotions will help manifest much faster. Just give it a try.

#2 – Connecting differently

Can the coronavirus be a blessing in disguise?Restricting social contacts doesn’t mean you have to isolate fully. Make more use of technology. You can hold meetings via Skype and Zoom, and it works flawlessly. Phone more instead of writing emails, especially when you are at home and don’t have “other voices around.” Now is also an excellent time to expand your LinkedIn network. There are great networking groups on LinkedIn, which help you grow a quality network with ease. Also, there are many groups for almost every topic. We are all in this together, and we shouldn’t forget that. Let’s use social media for what it was invented! 

Last but not least, if you thought about putting your business online, now you should really do it!

#3 – Rising compassion

One of the beauties of humanity is that they stick together in hardship. It might be hard to believe when we watch footage of people fighting over toilet paper, but have a look at the big picture. There are also new groups on social media, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. where people have started to help each other out. This is what is more worth focusing on. And this is what will ultimately create more compassion and acceptance of each other. And speaking of compassion, this is a good point to stop and send a blessing to all the people who are affected by the coronavirus. By this, I don’t only mean  ones sick with the virus but also all the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, security people, and many more who are – excuse my French – working their ass off. Thank you, each and everybody!

#4 – A look at our economic system

As someone who understands all sorts of energy, I know that a virus is a “symptom of imbalance.” The Coronavirus makes no difference. While I am not (officially) an energy healer, let’s have a look from a different angle. Part of the energy healing work is having a look how a virus affects a body and what it creates in the outside world. In the case of the Coronavirus – it affects the lungs and the whole respiratory system, and it causes massive disruption in the economy. Now put the two together. Is the (global) economy suffocating itself? I’ll leave the answer up to you. However, it’s hard to “un-notice” that we have to come to different agreements in the marketplace and also in global cooperation.

#5 – Rising consciousness

My (not so) secret hope is that, after the coronavirus has passed through, we all come out of our “cocoons” with a new level of compassion, connections, and a better understanding of the imbalances of the world. And thus a higher level of consciousness. I know, however, that this will not be the case for everybody. And that’s fine. Everybody is on his/her own way. The great thing about rising consciousness is that it doesn’t take many to create substantial change. Which brings me back to #1 – Cocooning. As change starts within, it requires a time of cocooning. So far, we often have created change “on the fly” while being exposed to many outside distractions. If the change comes now after a phase of cocoon, that in itself IS a rise in consciousness.

I am curious how all this will develop. Meanwhile, I hope you stay safe. Take care of yourself and then others. If you are interested in exploring ways of collaboration, always feel free to book a FREE Discovery Call here.