What the *bleep* is Personal Energy Management? And why should I care?

Energy and (efficient) Energy Management is one of the most important topics of our times. We not only face the challenge of creating more sustainable solutions for generating energy but also satisfy the rising demand of an increasing global population on the hand and the forthcoming of Advanced Technologies (AI, robotics, etc.) on the other. While I frankly admit that finding viable solutions to these topics can be daunting, I often wonder why another question is not equally in focus. The one of “Personal Energy Management?” Maybe it is that we are somewhat familiar with the term but don’t have a concrete idea of what it entails and how it can benefit us? If so, let’s change this right here and now!

What is Personal Energy Management?

Simply put: Personal Energy Management is the awareness of your physical and  non-physical energy plus the ability to manage and transform it where considered necessary . A quick example: Somebody calls you to tell you a long-winded story with a lot of complaints, blame, and shame. After you hung up, you suddenly notice that you feel drained. At this moment, your perception is that your energy level is low. You decide to set a boundary in order to maintain your (high) energy level. Another example: You hold an excellent presentation in a meeting. After .your presentation, everybody claps and cheers, and your boss praises you in front of others. You feel elated and perceive your energy level as high. You might want to take an “energetic snap-shot” of the event to fuel your energy level in both – high and low energy times.

These are just two rather easy examples of how Personal Energy Management can work. but now comes the fun fact. In both situations described, your energy level was exactly the same!  Actually, there is no high or low energy level. There is just the perception of such! And how you deal with your perception makes all the difference!  This is where the fun begins.  

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, ENERGY!

NEL Coaching - Personal EnergyAlbert Einstein said: “Everything is energy.” And even though this saying is very known, still many of us have a limited perception of energy and all its forms it does show up. The most prevalent limitation is focusing on physical energy only. Or the evidence that physical energy is at work. Think of a switch you use to lighten your home or gas to fuel your car.

Despite all the great technology humanity has already invented and will invent, we are still not able to detect most of the non-physical energy. Because if everything is energy, so are all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that run our lives and careers. Yet we do so little with this non-physical energy. Even though we know it exists. Hardly anybody will doubt that thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t exist just because we can’t see them. But, wait…

Perceiving energy

At this point, I will reveal a secret. Ever since I can remember, I could sense non-physical energy and its flows in a variety of ways and way beyond a spectrum considered “normal.” I could feel energy patterns, see energy flows, and much more. Just too bad that nobody else in my family could. And so I concluded that something must be terribly wrong with me. It wasn’t until much later that I clearly understood that my ability to perceive all sorts of flowing and stuck energy was a tremendous gift, and not a hindrance! And it was only then I realized that energy is not only easy to manage and transform but that I was also able to teach and coach about it. And, as I stated above, we all have the same amount of energy. But we create the perception of “having more” and “having less”, which by the way, is the root of all power games. To clarify, I speak of all energy available, not just the visible forms. Because perceiving physical energy only, well creates the impression of having more or less. Just think of money.

Personal Energy Management requires a “diving within”

Truth is, I am not so special after all. Each and everybody of us has the innate ability to perceive energy. It’s just that our awareness of it has been tainted over. The good news is that with a bit of “window cleaning” and practice, this can be changed. It requires, however, shifting focus. And here, I will refer to another saying I love: “Change starts within you.” I found that no saying is more accurate than this one. 

Understanding your personal energy requires a sincere, honest, and ultimately kind look into yourself. I particularly mention kind because, over the years, I have realized that many people don’t dare to observe themselves and their behavior. Mainly, because they fear to find out that they are a “sinner.” Please understand that this is a judgment projected onto you by other people. You are not a “sinner”; you never were.

The benefits of courage

NEL Coaching - Personal Energy ManagementMy last quote for today comes from the gothic underground band The Crüxshadows. Many years ago, they released a song called “Quicksilver in which they sing “The future belongs to the brave.” I always felt a deep bond with not only this line but all lyrics (find them here). There is some deep wisdom in there. 

As we have found, there often is a deep fear of diving inside to find out more about oneself. But there are also big rewards once you have conquered the fear of doing so. So let me highlight some benefits of being able to manage your personal energy.

  • You will feel less stressed as you find out that stress results from the emotion of powerlessness and, ultimately, energy. And actually, you have all the energy  you need available. Always. And you have learned to manage it.
  • With less stress, your health and well-being will improve significantly! It might not happen over-night, but mid- and long-term, you will be more relaxed, less triggered, and lead an overall balanced life. Including a career
  • A balanced lifestyle will naturally invite more creativity and more potential for personal development and business growth. Also, you will be happier and more grateful for what you have (achieved).
  • Also, you will realize that you are no longer at the affect of others and you will be able to develop a high degree of (self)leadership. Which will inspire others. And isn’t that what a true leader does?
  • And last but not least, very often, even money flows and revenue streams improve over time. Remember that everything is energy? This includes money!

The cost involved

No, I am not talking about the fee of NEL Coaching’s Master Your Energy! Program (more here) but something more profound. Being able to manage your personal energy does come with a cost. It’s the cost of giving up old “thought loops” and behavioral patterns. Most of them were never yours to begin with. You picked them up from parents, friends, life partners, bosses, and colleagues. We all do, and there’s nothing right or wrong about it. However, once you understand why we do it and what to do about it, you will realize how dynamically things in your life can and will change. So, yes, there is a cost – the cost of change. A change that will make a difference in all areas of your life. Just give it a try.