You may end your job search by using this question

Most of my career I spent with candidates who were in a good job. As a “classical headhunter” my role was to inspire them to take a different role into consideration. And eventually, take it. And once in a while, I get emails from candidates who are on the job search for quite some time already, seemingly without any success. They send a lot of applications, but nothing happens. Over time frustration grows. I understand. And I don’t buy into the story. Let’s be honest; frustration doesn’t get you anywhere. And even if it did, most likely it wouldn’t be the most enjoyable experience. (read more here). So what can you do instead? What about this? Stop for a minute and ask yourself a question. A particular question I am sure will baffle you! 

“What’s right about this that I’m not getting?”

End your job search with a questionYes, you read correctly! What’s right about your situation? Not what’s wrong. See, that’s the trap most of us fall into so often. If something doesn’t work out the way we expect it, we almost immediately ask ourselves, “What have I done wrong?” or “What’s wrong with me?” A surefire path to a lot of frustration. And frustration will attract even more frustration. I am sure most of us have made such experiences.

And here’s the good news: Our mind is “programmed” in a way that it finds the answer to every question we ask — every single one. Without any exception! 

When you ask what’s wrong with you, your mind will deliver you all sorts of answers what could be wrong with you. Please note that nothing of that is true unless you believe it to be true. On the flip side, it will also deliver you all possible answers when you ask what’s right about a situation. This, however, might not happen immediately. As the question is so uncommon you might even experience one or two seconds in which the mind goes blank. Let’s try it right here. Imagine a situation in your life that hasn’t shown your desired outcome. It might be your job hunt; it might be anything else. Imagine this situation. Now read the following sentence out loud.

“What’s right about this that I’m not getting?”

Even if you don’t get an answer right away, rest assured it will come to you. And it’s very likely that it will surprise you. The answer might be that you apply in a field you no longer enjoy working in. It might be that you want to live somewhere else. Or that you don’t wish to be on the job hunt right now but travel for a while. It might be that you secretly consider yourself a failure, and you want to get out of this belief. If so, drop this belief right now! It’s a lie, anyway! Trust me; I’ve been there myself. It’s a lie. Period!

No matter what the answer is, act on it

If your job hunt doesn’t work, stop a minute and ask yourself a question.

No matter how “crazy” the answer might sound. Now, this comes with a disclaimer. All this requires change. And there is no other topic we talk about so often while resisting it so much like change. But remember: The way you used to live until now, didn’t work. So why not trying something new and see where it takes you? Instead of saying “no,” try “yes” for a change.

I use this question very often for all areas of life, and it has provided me more fascinating insights than I could ever write here. Did it create change? Oh, yes! For the better? Oh, yes! Was I afraid at times? Definitely yes! It seems to be part of the game somehow.

So next time you find yourself receiving another rejection note or even no answer from the company/recruiter, try this question instead. And, who knows, maybe recruiters suddenly start calling you back, or you find your dream job elsewhere very soon. I already saw all of this happening to many people. Perhaps you are the next?

Enjoy the experience!

P.S. This brilliant tool is not mine, but from Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. Check out their site here.