Change and (re)balancing…

When I wrote about 2020 as a year of balance in my last blog post, I didn’t see the next step yet. I only sensed that some change was ahead. And isn’t that how it starts so often? We sense something and then it manifests.

Change & (Re)BalancingAnd so the (re)balancing has started, effective February 1. I re-joined human cap solutions as an Executive Search Consultant. I am happy about the step and I am excited about new projects to come. Also, I always have been the kind of person being happy doing more than one thing. It’s just me! (Doesn’t have to be true for you, of course!) This choice, however, will entail some changes for NEL Coaching.

  1. NEL Coaching will continue and it will have a bit different outline
  2. As there are some overlaps with human cap solutions in the field of career counseling / coaching, those will be smoothed out over the next days and weeks. I am still available for career coaching. We will see how it works best
  3. What definitely will be changing is the overall theme of NEL Coaching. It will be much more change-oriented and provide services for both – individuals and organizations.

So stay tuned for more to come soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here.

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