Change Your Career With Ease!

Welcome to NEL Coaching,

NEL Coaching - Founder Nicole Lellekthis company has been founded by me, Nicole Lellek, and is based on my 20 years of experience in business consulting, Human Resources, Executive Search, and Career Consulting. Over this time, one central theme has crystallized in my career: Change, or more specifically, career change. And when I say my career, I have changed my career more than once and that I have helped many people internationally in changing their careers.

With NEL Coaching, I have taken the essence of my experience and created coaching services to support highly qualified managers and executives in the – often intense and stressful – times of a career change

This career change may be:

  • to another industry
  • Applying another skillset 
  • A transition to another location
  • Inspired by looking for a calling or
  • The necessity to change jobs for health reasons after, e.g., a burn-out

In each of the above cases, I can assist you because – rest assured – if you want to change your career, it is possible, even in the later stages of a career and also in times of an economic crisis. I have seen it times and times again. 

There are, however, two criteria required:

  1. Choosing to change careers and trust yourself it works
  2. Taking action that aligns with your choice

This is the basis of every change – not only a career change. Also, these are the criteria you have to bring to the table. Everything else we can work out. Yes, really!

Coaching Services

I offer only a few services. Also, because I insist on high quality and like you, I want to see results. Also, I am a big fan of focus. 

For career changers I offer:

And as NEL Coaching prides itself on having long-lasting relationships with highly qualified managers, we offer a Direct Placement service for selected industries. Please find more information here.

Ready to move on in your career?

You wouldn’t be reading these lines if you weren’t considering a career change for yourself. So why don’t we get to know each other? You can easily get in touch here. And if you are on LinkedIn, please consider this your invitation to connect here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!