NEL Coaching is based on 20 years experience in business consulting, headhunting and coaching. It’s designed to support high qualified professionals within the European Economic Area (EEA) in expanding their life and career.

The Energy of Your Career-Life

NEL Coaching - Creator Nicole Lellek
NEL Coaching creator Nicole
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While the abbreviation NEL actually stands for the founders full name, it also stands for a

  • New
  • Energetic
  • Life (& Career)

A life that includes a healthy, prosperous and expanding career combined with an equally healthy private life. A life that fuels your energy and inspiration and no longer “sucks you dry”.

This this new energetic life can be achievable for everyone. However, so often we forget what we innately know and how we can deal best with the energy we always have. The background of NEL Coaching’s founder – Nicole – was no different until a  series of life events led to a deep understanding and knowledge of the nature of energy and consciousness. These realizations are now teaming up with the in-depth expertise and experience of career development and life coaching to create a unique and modern approach in the market. An approach that will help you  better understand your own life and career and that incorporates the knowledge about how (human) energy really works.

NEL Coaching has understood that every life and career has its own energy. And to be more precise: energy mix. While there might be the energy of expansive success in one area, there are limitation in another. The good news is that once you have the knowledge you can easily move beyond what limits you and expand all areas of your life. Including your career! Find out more on this website and in case you have questions, please feel free to send a mail here.