Change Your Career With Ease! Faster!

Welcome to NEL Coaching,

NEL Coaching - Founder Nicole Lellekthis company has been founded by me, Nicole Lellek, and is based on my 20 years of experience in business consulting, Human Resources, Executive Search, and Career Consulting. Over this time, one central theme has crystallized in my career: Change, or more specifically, career change. And when I say my career, I mean that I have changed my own career successfully twice and that I have helped many people internationally in changing their careers. 

The Essence

With NEL Coaching, I have taken the essence of my experience and created coaching services to support highly qualified managers and executives in the – often intense and stressful – times of a career change

This career change may be:

  • To another industry
  • Applying another skillset 
  • A transition to another location
  • The necessity to change jobs for health reasons after, e.g., a burn-out
  • Or other personal reasons

In each of the above cases, I can assist you with my expertise. 

NEL Coaching Services

At the moment I offer two services only. One individual coaching program called Career Change with Ease and – based on my large network from “headhunting times” Direct Placement. A service that can be of use for corporations looking out for more qualified candidates to fill their roles. Please find more information here.

Now please feel free to browse the site. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch hereI am looking forward to hearing from you!