NEL Coaching builds on 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching & personal energy management, including one life-changing event. The business supports the transformation of individuals and organizations from stress and exhaustion to energy and vitality. 

New Ways of Working with Energy 

NEL Coaching - Founder Nicole Lellek

NEL Coaching – Founder Nicole

NEL has two meanings. It stands for the founders’ initials and also for 

  • New 
  • Energy 
  • Leadership 

primarily referring to Self-Leadership. Because it’s in oneself all leadership roots before it inspires others and ultimately creates change. NEL Coaching supports creating workplaces that are healthy and prosperous and invite employers and employees alike to expand their careers. And ultimately, business and turnover. 

New Energy Leadership is achievable for everyone. It requires, however, doing things differently than you might have learned before. First and foremost, it requires a new approach to managing your energy. 

Why is Personal Energy Management important? 

We all have so much time in a day. And no matter how good we are in prioritizing, delegating, and time managing, we often feel drained and “sucked dry.” Even if we love our jobs, careers and/or the businesses we run! Over time this can lead to stress and eventually to symptoms of disease. Being aware of your energy level and able to manage it resourcefully is the key to create a healthier life and career! Without stress, without constant “energy feeding.” 

To help you be more aware of your energy and managing it, NEL Coaching has created a premium signature coaching program called Master Your Energy! Find more information and benefits of the program here. You are also welcome to schedule a FREE Discovery Call by clicking the button below. 

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