Have you ever wondered if your career could be healthier? Or if there was something you could do to lead a life with an integrated, fulfilling, and rewarding career? Rather than having to “balance” life and career as if they were separate?

Truth is your life and career are no two separate entities and shouldn’t be treated as such. You have this one life, and it better includes a career that reflects your talents, abilities, values, and meets your financial needs. Also, it should provide a safe space for mutual respect and continued expansion and growth.

NEL Coaching - new - energy - lifeIs this too much to ask for? Looking at today’s “office world,” one easily could have the impression. Here is when NEL Coaching comes into play. While the abbreviation NEL also bases on the founders’ full initials, it first and foremost stands for:

  1. New
  2. Energy
  3. Life

A life that is based on a positive outlook and integrates a healthy, rewarding career. And a life in which you will start working with your energy in a whole new way!

NEL Coaching bases on more than 20 years of experience in business consulting, career management, and stress management. Plus, the solid knowledge of how energy really works. Speaking of YOUR personal energy, you always have available and might not even be aware of it.

Energy and particularly the beneficial use of personal energy is the key to building a happy, rewarding life. For NEL Coaching, it’s even a matter of the heart, because we know from personal experience that how you manage your energy makes all the difference! Unfortunately, we don’t learn this – neither in school or universities nor in most workplaces. It’s time to change this!

So, welcome to

NEL Coaching
new – energy – life

We are glad you are here! Feel free to browse this space. If you have questions or wish more information, feel free to send a mail here and we will set up an appointment to discuss further.